How to consign/sell at our events in Northwest Indiana

Sign up:

  • Register through our service as a consignor here
  • Make sure to read the agreement form before you click on the join button.
  • Too busy to tag?  Check out our Concierge Service page and see how we can tag for you!  After you register for the sale, look for the ‘Join Concierge’ button on the upper right hand corner of the consignor page to use the service.
  • Sign up for volunteer shifts and earn a greater percentage of your sales!
  • Choose a drop-off time.


  • Go through your kids’ clothes, toys, equipment, books, etc and find the items they no longer use that are free from tears, odors, staining, pilling, etc. Check out our Prepping and Tagging Guidelines page for tips and tricks and the Pricing guidelines if you’re stuck on pricing.
  • You may watch our Youtube channel with video tutorials.   
  • Click here for complete details on accepted and unaccepted items.
  • Any any electronic items MUST have batteries in them (dollar stores have inexpensive ones). 
  • Use a WHITE or LIGHT colored cardstock when printing out tags.
  • If you don’t have access to a printer we can print for you!  For every 14 pages (168 tags) we will print on cardstock and mail them to you for $3.50.  The deadline to have us print tags is March 27th.

Drop off:

  • Items entered early will get hangers and other tagging supplies for FREE!! You can ask us questions about tagging too!
  • All items will be screened for quality before pickup.
  • After screening, you will place your items in the designated areas and then receive a pre-sale pass that all consignors will get so you can shop before the general public..
  • Pickup your pre-sale pass.
  • Please arrive on time or you will need to reschedule.

Pick up:

  • Pickup time is Sunday April 8th  4pm – 6pm.  If that time doesn’t work for you please contact us to arrange a pickup time.
  • Please consider donating any items that didn’t sell during our sale. 
  • If you’d prefer to pick up unsold items, you must pick up items during designated pick up time, no exceptions.
  • Items that are not picked up will be donated to one of our charities.

Earn 60% – 80% of your sales between volunteering or referrals:

  • Volunteer
    • Complete ONE 3hr shift and receive 65% of your sales.
    • Complete TWO 3hr shifts and receive 70% of your sales.
    • Complete THREE 3hr shifts and receive 75% of your sales.
  • Referral
    • Refer 1 friend – Receive an extra 2%
    • Refer 2 friends – Receive an extra 5%
    • Refer 3 friends – Receive an extra 9%
    • Refer 4 friends – Receive an extra 12%
    • Refer 5 friends – Receive an extra 15%


  • Payment will be sent within 2 weeks and you can choose between being mailed a check or Paypal. 

Registration is open now!

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