Pricing Guidelines

Pricing your items:

  • The main goal is for your items to be priced competitively, or they won’t sell.
  • Aim to price gently used items such as toys at 25% of their retail price.
  • Large toys, furniture, strollers, rare or high end items, items with manuals, etc can be priced closer to 35-40%. Books and bedding should be priced around 10%.
  • No items are allowed to be priced under $0.50 and in $0.50 increments after that (due to the half-price sale). You can bag and price small items, such as hair accessories, together.
  • Marking items for the half price sale will greatly increase your chances of selling the item. 

The clothes prices suggested below are for Children’s gently used items with no pilling, staining, fading, NO wear, etc.

Items with a little bit of wear, you’ll want to price lower.

Items with more than a little wear and items with tears will NOT be accepted.

New items (especially NWT) can be priced a bit higher than suggested.


Bargain brands (Garanimals, Faded glory, Healthtex, Koala baby, Circo, Jumping beans, etc)

Shirts 1.50

Pants* 2.00

Dresses 2 to 3.50


General brands (Carter’s, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Disney etc)

Shirts 2.50

Pants* 3.00

Dresses 3 to 5


Name brands (Gymboree, H&M, Gap, POLO, Children’s Place, etc)

Shirts 3.00

Pants* 4.00

Dresses 4.50 to 6,50


Boutique (Janie & Jack, Blueberi Blvd, etc)

25% of retail price


Red hot brands (Nike, Under Armour, North Face, Jordans, etc)

25% of retail price


*leggings and shorts should be priced less than other pants.

Baby and toddler clothes (under 24 months) are in high supply and low demand (especially girls). Therefore, your best chance to sell these items will be to price lower than the suggested prices above.

Older boys clothes are always in high demand at our sales! If you know someone with boys who wants to sell their outgrown clothes, please suggest they consign (you’ll get bonuses, please see the homepage). We have a Concierge service for those who don’t have time to tag items themselves.

Women’s clothes should be priced very competitively due to lower demand.