Would you like to promote your organization or have space at one of our events? 

Advertising swap:

If you’re a local organization we can arrange an ad swap. For example, we’ll give you flyers to hand out to your customers prior to the sale, and you’ll give us flyers, coupons, etc. that we’ll hand out during our sale dates. Or, we can promote each other through our websites, Facebook pages, or emails. Any other ideas are also welcome, please contact us using the form below.

Traditional Advertising:

Want to have your banner/poster displayed at our sale, or be featured on our website? Please let us know!

Vendor space:

Spaces of many sizes are available to rent. Bring you own table to save money! You can sell items (if it’s something we sell though you must be a consignor, not a vendor), promote your organization, etc. If you’re selling, you must be present. If you have promotional materials, you won’t need to be present, but it’s always best in case our shoppers have questions.

Contact us for more information at